Surbhi Industries Limited

We care for Environment

Understanding the responsibility towards environmental conservation, Surbhi Group has always taken care of the environmental health of the local communities & the planet as whole. Since commencement, we have been careful on leaving the least of our harmful footprints on the planet.

Industrial Waste Recycle And Greencover

On the environmental protection front, our thrust is on green development. This includes, promoting green procurement to minimize environmental degradation through mitigation of environmental impact on Climate Change and effective control over Air, Water and Soil pollution.

Surbhi Industries Limited

Recycle Waste

At Surbhi, waste recycling is actively pursued across all its processes by establishing long term contractual relations with vendors, contractors and agencies with established credentials on waste recycling. Our endeavour is to demonstrate environmental leadership and influence the industry and citizens at large to encourage the use of environmental friendly products, processes and services.

The waste our units yield during production cycle is segregated according to its category like paper tubes, card boards, Cartons, Y cones, pallets /wooden sheets, cotton yarn waste, polyster yarn waste, cloth pieces etc. After segregation, the waste is then forwarded to respective dealers for recycling process.

Surbhi Industries Limited


Other initiatives, such as the development of green zones in and around our units and offices, reduction and safe disposal of waste complying with environmental laws, all of these contribute in making us one of the few environment friendly textile enterprises in the country. We have taken an initiative to plant 5000 trees and utilise the yield which facilitates production of Tonnes of paper a year.

Wind And Solar Energy Utilization

Electrical energy is the life of any manufacturing unit that consumes enormous amount of natural resources. We at Surbhi, have taken a couple of prudential steps in this regards.

windmill images
Surbhi Industries Limited
Wind Mills

Wind Power

We have in all 6 windmills, 4 windmills (0.8 MW Each) are installed in Gujarat at Jamnagar, Dwarka, Jasdan and 2 windmills (2 MW Each) are installed at Karad, Maharashtra. These wind mills help us to significantly offset majority of electricity consumed by our production units, resulting in reduced carbon footprints.

solar panel images
Solar Panels

Solar Energy

About 65% of electricity consumption of the office unit is compensated through solar roof top panels. We follow stringent norms for maintaining sustainable development with continuous improvement in energy conservation and energy efficiency throughout the production cycle.

Swatchchh Bharat Mission

Surbhi Industries Limited

We at Surbhi are proud to implement "Swatchchhata Abhiyaan" at our premises Cleanliness and hygiene are our priorities and genuine efforts are made for providing healthy working environment. We have installed a centralised R.O plant with a capacity of 500 litres of pure water per hour, there by taking care of the quality of water provided to our workers and staff of the entire unit . We have canteen facility inside the unit to cater our workers and staff members. Taking care of hygiene aspects, clean wash rooms are provided in the campus.

We seek internal and external perspectives to identify and help us understand the risks and opportunities associated with new and emerging issues. The issues identified are evaluated for their relevance to SURBHI and their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects. We have focused our efforts towards sustainable development, energy management, environmental conservation, product stewardship and occupational health and safety.