Embroidery is a subject of art. The creative part of it begins with the visualization of the artist who is influenced by one's observations, research, experiments environment etc. All of these takes shape of either floral elements, geometrical forms, solar cards, mystical or abstract elements of varied designing concepts.

Drafting any pattern to offer a single embellishment is a crucial moment of creativity. The artist evaluates the chosen fabric characteristics as well as the technique used in order to offer the desired effect; (Like the spangle, the silk chenille or the crystal-Types of stitches). The selected technique is influenced not only by the fabric, but also by the desired final style.

Once the pattern is finalized, the artist creates final drawings that are adapted to suit the aesthetics and properties of the embroidery machine. After this, they are scanned into highly sophisticated CAD program, which converts these drawings into machine formats which are then further loaded into sampling machine for final approval of the embroidered fabric. When the sample gets ready, it is sent to the respective customer for approval and after obtaining approval it is sent for production.

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  • 1

    Conceptualization according to Artist’s imagination / Market trend & required parameters.

  • 2

    Transferring of the same into Sketches / drawings.

  • 3

    Programming the drawings into CAD format using highly sophisticated CAD Programs / Softwares.

  • 4

    Finalized design is then sent to Sampling Machine for Sample Development.

  • 5

    The sample is forwarded to the respective customer for assessment/ changes / approval.

  • 6

    Final production.