Weaving, one of the first and oldest methods of making fabric has been upgraded with changing time and evolving technology. Machines were gradually made more flexible and more capable to handle the most delicate as well as rugged yarns available and also to make the finest to most complex weaves for varied applications.

Having such versatile and flexible machineries installed within a state of art setup, backed by expert team of artists, technicians and engineers, we like a true artisan, create and develop to cater the most diverse needs of our customers.

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  • 1

    Conceptualization (As per ideas / concepts of our requirement).

  • 2

    Conversion of the same into Sketches / drawings.

  • 3

    Transfer the drawings into CAD format using highly sophisticated CAD Programs / Software.

  • 4

    Selection of yarn for Warp Beams and Weft Fillers.

  • 5

    Completed design sent to Sampling Machine for sample development.

  • 6

    Sample sent to customer for review/ changes/ approval.

  • 7

    Final production.