Head Office (Corporate)

Surbhi Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Reinforced infrastructure of both of our factories viz., Surbhi Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. – Sachin & Surbhi Industries Ltd. – Karanj, along with our centralised administrative office at Surat have been one of the vital factors behind the adequate production capacity, best quality productivity, ease of management and reduced cost of production.

Sachin Factory

Surbhi Textile Mills Pvt Ltd

Having more than 25000 square meters of total land area comprising designated individual product-wise departments, neat & clean healthy production facilities with requisite safety equipment, Surbhi Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., our Sachin based factory boasts favourable production of high quality Yarns, Woven Fabrics, Embroideries, Knits and High Fashion Readymade Garments.

Karanj Factory

Surbhi Industries Ltd

Surbhi Industries Limited, our Karanj based factory encompasses more than 15000 square meters of land area. With well planned vast area of production, this unit has all the essential facilities for the production of Knits and Yarns.

Both of our production units are well equipped with state of the art machineries from world-renowned manufacturers. Along with continuous production & ample storage facilities, these units have provisions for safety, sanitation, canteen and water appended to spacious environment & green cover plantations. Moreover, additional spaces are always at our disposal to take care of future expansion programmes.