• Dream

    The Dream

    Two visionaries shifted themselves from their mother land of Saurashtra to Surat with a dream to make it big, impressive & remarkable.

  • First Step

    The First Step

    A year full of researches, imparted courage for startup of a small scale textile unit with six weaving power looms.

  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    Honest efforts and hard work led to addition of 24 power looms.

  • The Promotion

    The Promotion

    Another addition of 36 looms not only added to the strength of the company but also boosted the confidence to move on the path of progress.

  • International Vision

    International Vision

    First few sets of Twisting Machine –Technology, Imported from Korea was the first step towards expansion and growth.

  • Spreading Wings

    Spreading Wings

    Flourishing with a big vision, Incorporation of private limited company - Surbhi Textile Mills Private Limited (Sachin Unit).A new step in the field of Shuttle Weaving Looms with Jacquard and Texturising (Crimped Yarn Machine).

  • Corporate World

    Entering The Corporate World

    With issuance of public shares, Incorporated - ‘Surbhi Industries Limited’ was formed.

  • The Pioneers

    Always The Pioneers

    A major game changer for rising star, giving new direction & vision, enhancing the growth story of Surbhi. Highly automated Schiffli embroidery machines from Switzerland were proudly introduced in Gujarat for the first time.

  • Ahead in Race

    Ahead in Race

    Adding a competitive edge as a complete embroidery product solution provider, the most exceptional and Flexible, Fancy Multi-head Embroidery Technology from Korea were installed.

  • Being Sympathetic

    Being Sympathetic

    A major step towards Green Power & Environmental Sustainability, a captive power project with two windmills of 0.8 Megawatt each was installed.

  • Sustainable Approach

    Sustainable Approach

    One more captive power project with another windmill of 0.8 Megawatt added to the Green power capacity.

  • Adding More Variety

    Adding More Variety

    Ventured into High Speed Warp Knitting Tricot Machines from world renowned German companies – LIBA & Karl Mayer.

  • Pioneering Tradition

    The Pioneering Tradition

    Became the proud pioneers in country by venturing into Multi-bar Raschel Knitting machines with the very 1st installation of this Generation Machines from Karl Mayer- Germany.

  • Continuous Care

    Continuous Care

    The tradition of environment sustainability was continued with installation of additional windmill of 0.8 Megawatt for captive consumption along with installation of a massive 4 Megawatt (2 Wind mills of 2 MW each) Wind Mill power plant in Maharashtra for commercial sale of electricity. Thereby surpassing the consumption of Green electricity with adequate generation of the same.

  • Marching Forward

    Marching Forward

    Development in form of expansion was done with Circular Knitting machines, from Taiwan.

  • Integration


    Moved into new corporate office where currently 65% of power consumption is through rooftop solar power plant – Another wise step towards Environmental Sustainability.

    Impression was attained through this new & posh premises along with remake of attractive company logo that ultimately reflected the fresh, dynamic & aggressive approach of the company.

  • Once More

    Once More

    More strength was added with setup of highly flexible Electronic Jacquard with Rapier looms, from renowned brand – Picanol Rapier Looms and Bonas Electronic Jacquard - Belgium.

  • Extensive Vision

    Extensive Vision

    With vertical integration, entered into garmenting sector with an innovative vision to introduce a dazzling brand name in the world of Fashion -to be launched soon….