Warp knitting Tricot / Raschel & Circular

With a long history of its tricky technology since its existence, the methodology of knitting is still a puzzle for many. We at SURBHI, have mastered to blend its method with modern technology. With the setup of latest machines, years of technical know-how, experience and brilliant minds at work, we boast to develop almost every sort of knitted product required by our customers. Initiating the process with drawings/identifications of the lapping involved, yarn types, machine gauge and more importantly identifying and matching its physical parameters with the customer’s requirement, we make sure to know the end use of the fabric and accordingly the technical details of the fabric composition are set to match and fulfill the required parameters that passes all tests. After finalizing these parameters, fabric sampling is done which is then physically tested to obtain desired result. It is then sent for mass production.

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  • 1

    Identification of lappings.

  • 2

    Selection of Yarns according to the lappings.

  • 3

    Gauge selection.

  • 4

    Warping Process (Even tensioning).

  • 5

    Knitting on Tricot / Raschel / Circular Machines.

  • 6

    Final production.